Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pumpkin noodle

I find myself frequently conned into making potato gnocchi. Nothing against it, its a lovely pasta and my husband loves it! However in the sweltering Madras weather it is a lot of WORK (in capitals, yes!). So when I saw David Rocco's Gnudi con la zucca, I thought to earn similar amount of glory with some shortcuts ;-). The recipe needed to be modified, since I didn't have the listed ingredients listed in the original recipe. In spite of that it came ou very well! So here's the substituted items one can get away with.(a) pumpkin instead of butternut squash (b) Grana Padano instead of Pecorino Romano (c) home-made paneer hung overnight to drain instead of ricotta. And no egg as binder since I wanted it vegetarian.
I halved the amounts, since I had only two to feed.

We had it topped with slow-cooked bell pepper in vinegar and honey.

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